City Girls Intro (#FREEJT)

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Title : Intro (#FREEJT)
Artist : City Girls
Album : Girl Code (2018)
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Duration : 3:04
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Published : Tue, 20 Nov 2018 (11:27)

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Lirik Lagu/Songs Lyrics City Girls Intro (#FREEJT) :
You Have Pre-paid Call You Will Not Be Charged For This Call This Call Is From Jatavia ****, An Inmate At A Federal Prison This Call Is Being Recorded And Is Subject To Monitoring Hang Up To Decline The Call, And To Accept, Dial 5 Now If You Wish To Block Any Future Calls Of This Nature, Dial 7 Now To Decline This Call, Hang Up (Out The City) Yeah, QC Be The Clique And We Winnin' (QC) Me And JT The Realest Bitches Standing 'Cause Lord Knows That I Miss Her (I Miss Her) But I'ma Hold This Shit Down For My Sister (Hold It Down) These Hoes Just Hate To Give Me Credit (Never) It's All Good, Baby, I'll Take The Debit (Haha) My Hand Rubber, We Could Bet It (We Could Bet It) We Ain't Soft, But I Got The Most Edges (Yup) The Diamonds, The Rings, And The Watches, The Bracelets And Half Another Night, So I Understand The Hatin' Cause More Politic While I'm Out At Vegas 50K Tab And Chanel On The Latest Deep Wag, Tailored In The 6, Sittin' Fluffy Check My DM, Another Rapper Wanna Fuck Me AP On My Arm, I Done Think I Got A Two With My Family Out West Like Boss Bitches Do All My Life I've Been Going Against The Odds Tryna Come Up On Me, Better Keep Your Job A Round Of Applause For The Boss Ass Bitches Who Made It On Their Own, And They Shittin' On Niggas Girl, Let That Nigga Know If He Ain't Breakin' Bread, Then He Gotta Go Ride Benz When You Met Him These Fuck Niggas Want You To Sweat 'em They'll Run You To The Ground If You Let 'em Y'all Niggas Better Get Y'all Checks Up And Y'all Hoes Better Get Y'all Bets Up Y'all Can Bet Y'all Asses Outta Here We Gon' Fuck The Game Up When I Come Home This Call Is From A Federal Prison Period (Haha, Talk That Shit JT) When I Was Doin' Time, Y'all Hoes Was Doin' Fine But When I Come Home, It's Over For Y'all Hoes Get They Ass Ran The City Girls, We The Hottest In The County Google Me, Bitch, Yeah, I'm A Real Brownie I Came Up Under Hustlers To The Streets, Shit, A Bitch Been Accustomed But Lemme Chill 'cause I'm Gettin' In My Feelings Comin' To Sidetrack Me From The Millions I Got A Message For You And Them Bitches, Start Worryin' 'bout Your Motherfuckin' Children Fuck That Rap Shit, I'll Fight A Bitch, Period Matter Of Fact, I Don't Sit Around, Bitch, Period I Can Count On My Hands Who Really See The Vision Old City Girls Verse, Pee Ain't Clearin' It Wait 'til My Sister Come Home We Gon' Really Get These Motherfuckers Gone (Get 'em Gone) We Gon' Really Put These Bitches In The Zone And Show 'em That The City Girls Really Puttin' On, Period I Wanna Send A Shoutout To All My City Girls And City Boys Be Holdin' Me The Fuck Down, Pulled Me Out Of Quarreling Get They Asses, Miami, Don't Let Up On 'em Hoes Fuck Them Hoes, Them Hoes Ain't Got No Money Them Hoes Need To Worry About They Motherfuckin' Kids And Worry About They Baby Daddies Fuck, When I Come Home- Period, Game Over
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